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In order to Thanks to our royalty member, we have 4 types of VIP membership tiers that come with different of exclusive benefits & rewards. Check the table as below for every BK VIP membership tier’s benefits and requirements!

BK VIP Membership Table
BK959 Vip Cards
VIP Benefits Classic Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Cashback
Birthday Bonus
Tier Upgrade Bonus
Privilege Services
Special Birthday Gift
Sports Betting Limit
Monthly Tier Upgrade / Maintenance Requirement Classic Silver Gold Platinum
Upgrade Deposit
Tier Maintenance

Our Principles : F.I.R.S.T

Flexibility   Incredible   Rewards   Safety   Trustworthy

Our Service Aims : P.P.P.H

Polite   Patient   Professional   Happy


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions about BK959’s VIP membership, Ties upgrade or VIP Rewards? Don’t Worry! Find your answer at below or contact us via Viber for more details explanation!

What is the BK VIP program?

The BK VIP program is created for players who look for higher betting limit and VIP incentive services. In short,  the program gives players four fantastic membership tiers: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and players will benefit from all four membership tiers. As a result, members can get the most out of their deposits and winnings with the BK VIP program. You get a bigger bet limit and rewards as you move up each tier.

What are the benefits of being a BK VIP member?

Being a BK VIP member allows you to access incredible offers from the comfort of your own home. Apart from this, premium members is capable to bet on sports between 1,500,000MMK and 6,000,000MMK per match and receive many more special rewards and fast VIP online services. For example, at the Platinum tier, you can enjoy 5% monthly cashback, a 2-lakh birthday bonus, 6,000,000mmk sports betting limit, a special birthday gift, and privileged services.

How do I become a BK VIP member?

Becoming a BK VIP member takes little time, all it takes is a minimum deposit of 1,000,000 kyats to 10,000,000 kyats within a month. From there, you will specifically become a lifetime VIP player with exclusive access to new gambling products, special privileges, and more! With the BK VIP membership, you'll have access to an array of benefits that no other rewards program can offer.

As a BK VIP member, what games can I play?

BK959 is a gold mine for members of the BK VIP program, offering access to many gaming options. In fact, every BK members can practically play any game they like, and also have access to all sorts of exciting games, from traditional casino slots, card games, live dealer games, and fish games to sports betting.

What is Tier Maintenance Requirement?

Tier Maintenance Requirement is a requirement of minimum deposit within a month, in order to maintain your Tier in a same level. For example, a BK Silver member must deposit at least 500,000MMK to maintain on Silver level. Otherwise, the VIP account will drop to the Classic level. Besides, as a Silver level holder, BK959 grant you the exclusive offers, more attractive bonuses, and other special privileges that Classic level users cannot access. It offers various rewards that can prove priceless in the long term. With these benefits, it pays to maintain your BK VIP account with a minimum deposit of 500,000MMK - 5,000,000MMK.


The BK VIP membership program is perfectly suitable for high-rollers who are looking to upgrade their gambling game experience to the high-limit level. Unlike some other casinos that would restrict your betting limit on specific games, BK959 features all your gambling needs. Moreover, we are open to the largest betting limit allowance of up to 6,000,000 MMK per game, so that BK959 members can select any game for high-rolling benefits. Aside from the bet limit, premium clients will receive other rewards with special bonus offers such as unlimited monthly cashback, a birthday bonus, and other online privilege services from our customer service team. With the BK VIP Membership Program, you can rest assured that your gaming experience is as smooth as possible, so you’re free to focus on winning!

Also, BK VIP service highlights the most reliable online gambling casino program in Myanmar. Premium players can automatically upgrade tier levels for free with convenience and efficiency. Because we offer highly secure and encrypted online payment systems, allowing worldwide users to enjoy the experience of reliable gambling while feeling safe. With BK959’s simple interface, users find this system effortless and straightforward. In addition, BK’s VIP service ensures that our members receive only the finest customer service, which 100% loyalty deserves!

The BK premium program provides the industry with the highest quality online assistance and support. In particular, we stick to the P.P.P.H principles. Besides, BK clients are set to experience Polite, Patient, Professional, and Happy online service. P.P.P.H guarantees 100% satisfaction with the quality and accuracy of our solutions. Up to a point, the BK team is dedicated to providing you with the best, since we offer the most comprehensive help available anytime or night. Trust that BK VIP will always be on hand to answer your questions and handle any issues that may arise. With our reliable P.P.P.H online service, you can sit back, relax and let us take care of it all!


Now, the ultimate luxury experience can be obtained from your house’s comfort. With the most trusted high-limit online gambling platform, everyone can enjoy premium treatment as well as access the internet’s highest-quality casino games. From avid bettors to those just starting, you can now find the gaming platform that suits your needs and bet with confidence without ever having to worry about safety or security. The premium gambling experience is now available for all.

Furthermore, BK959 casino offers a simple process to get a exclusive gambling experience. With fast customer service, 24/7 assistance, and a low deposit requirement, anyone can enjoy the exceptional benefits of being part of the casino’s most exclusive gambling tier. Thus, as a premium gambler, you can access special daily bonuses, an improved reward system, higher bet limits, and much more. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your gaming experience.

Becoming a BK premium member has never been easier, you can register your quick, secure, and trustable account on our website with just a few easy steps. Likewise, our easy registration process will let you enjoy the many great benefits afforded to BK premium members, including exclusive promotions and tailored news. Therefore, sign up for our member registration, and contact our customer service today to activate your account within 10 minutes! 

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